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Rails Vignole UNI 3141 / EN 13674 | 12 metre hot rolled bars

12 metre bars available in selected types and designations from 27 E1 (27 UNI) to 60 E1 (60 UNI).

Dimensions, mass and tolerances in compliance with UNI 3141 or EN 13674, depending on rail production year.

Quality    Steel suitable for transport rails in several grades, mostly R 260, in compliance with EN 13674 / UNI 6328. Other grades are available.

Quality European products. Actual certification available may depend on production year and related existing requirements.


Delivery conditions  As rolled, with no further head-hardening heat treatments.


Services   Crane rails are marketed in commercial length of 12 metres only and cannot be cut to length.

We have built solid trade relations with the key European players of railway sector – both for rail production and railway equipment. We can provide on order additional services and accessories, i.e. fixing systems (direct / indirect), fastening clips and elastomer pads.


InCoTerms  Ex works (EXW). Upon request, we can put you in contact with shipping companies operating in your area for freight transport.


Remarks    Some products may be temporarily out of stock, depending on market availability and supply opportunities.

Special rail requests outside our product range can be handled on order, on behalf of our customers. A minimum tonnage is required. Delivery times may be influenced by available rolling programs scheduled by steel mills. Terms and conditions are case-specific and shall be agreed individually with a member of our commercial unit.

Rails Vignole UNI 3141 / EN 13674 | Line mass density handbook

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